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Thordarson Amplifier

Looking for a quality Amplifier for audio applications? Don't search more than the early tube amplifiers to-290 output utc r13 power choke, this Amplifier is quality designed for audio applications and provides readings up to 290 watts per channel. Plus, it features a key-and-clap sound for emphasis.

Vintage 1950s Thordarson 6V6 5Y3GT Tube Amplifier for Guitar Amp Rebuild T-22S74

Thordarson Amplifier Amazon

This is a single ended 6 tube Amplifier for rca, it extends this Amplifier is a top addition to your audio equipment. It is outstanding for use in the musical instrument world, with its 6 bipolar transistor it offer the best performance possible, with its small size it is in like manner facile to store and travel with, making it an unequaled alternative for small businesses or home recording. This is a vintage 6 v6 5 y3 gt tube Amplifier for guitar, it is an old school type that we offer. It is a top-rated instrument for learning how to play your guitar or just to enjoy the sound on your instrument, this Amplifier is in unequaled condition and is an unrivaled value. Thordarson's advanced filter design offers the most efficient and stable valve-based filter design anywhere, it's an exceptional substitute for radio Amplifier applications where quality and performance are important. The t-17000-b is top-grade for radio tube amplifiers (rta's) and other devices that require high quality and efficient filter design, the vintage nos t-75 tube Amplifier output transformer is a valuable surrogate for folks scouring for an Amplifier that will produce superior sound quality. This transformer is designed to allow for superior power and temperature control in to the power Amplifier market, with its low price point and high quality, the t-75 tube Amplifier output transformer is a top substitute for suitors searching to buy a vintage-looking amplifier.