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Sansui Reverberation Amplifier Ra-500

The ra-500 Reverberation Amplifier is a classic tool for improving sonic purity and sound, with its single-ended input and la mode speak-mute switch, the ra-500 can be used to produce a rich, sound. The ra-500 also includes an4-x8 speaker system for larger venues or sound sets.

Best Sansui Reverberation Amplifier Ra-500

The ra-500 reverberator is a powerful reverb that lets you create amazing sound with its Reverberation amplifier, this Amplifier lets you create amazing sound with its powerful Reverberation that will give your music a new look and feel. With this amplifier, you can create amazing reverb effects that will give your music a whole new look and feel, the ra-500 Reverberation Amplifier is an excellent condition model. It features a high-quality design and can produce excellent sound quality, the Amplifier is straightforward to operate with an on-off switch and a power switch, making it uncomplicated to use. The Amplifier grants a static and noise-free sound quality, it is puissant for use in live sound applications. The ra-500 is a vintage Reverberation stereo Amplifier that is used for testing, it is still in excellent condition and can be used for free speech and events. This is a vintage rare as-is audiophile grade ra-500 Reverberation amplifier, it is an unrivaled addition to audio shop. This amp provides everything - grade sound quality, sound purpose, etc, - making it a top-rated audio addition for suitors seeking the best sound quality. With its design and large style pot, this amp can easily accommodate your personal audio needs, the ra-500 is equipped with our own hand-wiring and mic style gain knobs, making it basic to set up your sound. and the built-in speaker is specifically designed to provide an unrivaled level ofوپوددة soundاكثارة استخcanoات, the ra-500 is in like manner equipped with our own 2-disc bass driver, it gives a large style pot and grants been designed for uncomplicated set up with our own hand-wiring. Making it a top-notch audio add-on for individuals seeking the best sound quality.