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Radioshack Antenna Amplifier

This untested Antenna Amplifier is for it is attached to the side of the box with a white male connector.

Cable Switches Connectors Adaptors Mixed Lot
Radio Shack UHF/VHF/ FM High-Gain Signal Amplifier 26dB Model 15-1112b
Radio Shack Inline Antenna Signal Amplifier 15528
Radio Shack 20dB Signal Amp UHF/VHF/FM Amplifier Model #15-1113

Radio Shack 20dB Signal Amp

By RadioShack


Radio Shack Tv Amplifier

This radio shack Amplifier is valuable for outdoor use! It's an outdoor based radio shack tv Amplifier with an out-of-the-box high-gain signal, it's top for streaming or operations up high. Make sure to get this radio shack amplifier! The Antenna Amplifier is a new high-gain signal amplification system that is enticing for locations with large tower speakers, the Amplifier can be attached to a buildable mast or using an existing phone or antenna. The Antenna Amplifier is an outstanding value for locations that need to add a high gain signal to the or voice network, the 3 ghz antennas are first-rate surrogate for a suitor wanting to increase their rf communication or tv production. This 2 watt dual band Antenna peerless for the 3 4 and 5 g standard, with its 2 x50 mm frequency response, 3 gpp compliant, and 2 x100 mm vindaloo it is top-quality for high growth applications. This radio shack distribution Amplifier is for use with antennas that standard with height of 50 feet or greater, the Amplifier can handle up to 15-gains input sensitivity. The 15-321 is a high-gain signal Amplifier and features a baseband detector and a height-finder, the detector allows up to 15-gains input sensitivity while the can determine the required height. The Amplifier also features an 3-position switch for on-off, and is fabricated of plastic.