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Danelectro Amplifier Knobs

Is the only rememberable electric guitar manufacturer with authentic set screw Amplifier knob & relic bakelite amp guitar dan electro circuitry, choose your style with this accessorized guitar.

Danelectro Amplifier Knobs Ebay

These vintage push on Amplifier knob magnets are made of bakelite and are push 20 watts into the next highest frequency response, they are authentic and from a vintage electric guitar. They are not digital or digital negative charges, but rather physical controls for the amplifier, these Knobs are terrific addition to all guitar receiver or guitar set. The dan electro's Amplifier Knobs are the original, key-style Knobs used in today'siano radios and music players, made of durable materials, these Knobs are designed to give your music player the power it needs to show its name on the scale and audiobooks close to your fingertips. The Amplifier Knobs are designed with your music player in mind, with a slightly smaller size for ease of use, the Amplifier Knobs are made of durable materials and have a slightly smaller size for ease of use. This Amplifier Knobs is just that, an Amplifier knobs, it is an 1950 s era Amplifier knob that comes with the guitar amp and guitar chain. This knob can turn your guitar Amplifier into a dirty, weatherbeaten beast that is first-rate for your live shows! This is a set of two screws (one at each end) at the front end of the amplifier, the back end is a piece of bakelite. These screws control the power and the time of day, the time begins the "soaking" of the amplifier, the power is turned off and the speaker is turned off, then the Amplifier soaks it all in for about 20 minutes. The Amplifier presents a timers internal so it will work for up to a hour on any set of wires, the Knobs are in the "off" position to show you how they work. There are two numbers on each knob- a readable text on the front end and a timer on the back end, the text says "time" on the front end and "power" on the back end. The Knobs are finger tight when in the "off" position so you can't move them without turning the Amplifier off first, the Amplifier imparts a "off" switch on the back end that you can use to turn off the power to the Amplifier without moving the wires. The Amplifier is produced in china.