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Audiopipe Class D Monoblock Amplifier 3000w

The Audiopipe Class D 2 ohm Monoblock car audio Amplifier is a first-rate tool for turning your car into a speakers, with 3000 watts of power and our specially designed design, this Amplifier can transform your car into a.

Best Audiopipe Class D Monoblock Amplifier 3000w

This is a Class D amplifier, that is 3000 watts, it is terrific for the home or small office. It gives a full range, 1 Class output, it is likewise temperature-controlled to -50 degrees celsius. The Audiopipe Class D Monoblock Amplifier is an 3000 watt car Amplifier that is designed to provide superior sound quality to other types of amplifiers on the market, this Amplifier is manufactured with an all-aluminum body and all-aluminidecapacitors to provide incredible power and sound quality. With an input impedance of 12 ohms, this Amplifier can handle high-output activities well, this Amplifier can produce 3000 watts of power and can be connected to antenna -7 inch tv -noradio - answering machine the Monoblock Amplifier is sterling for admirers who need up to 3000 watts of power and are digging for a full bridge amplifier. This Amplifier extends a single brandy design that makes it basic to operate, the 3000 watt power capacity is possible because of the design. This type of Amplifier renders a low impedance and can be used with any type of speaker, this Amplifier is equipped with a full bridge design that provides superior audio quality and high end power. With an input power rating of 3000 watts, this Amplifier is first-class for any audio applications.