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6 Channel Amplifier

The lc-6, 1200 is an 6-channel Amplifier that provides clear sound with features such as analog audio streaming, digital audio streaming, and analog to digital converter streaming. This audio Amplifier is best-in-the-class for people who desiderate to enjoy clear and natural sound quality with their music.

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6 Channel Car Audio Amplifier

The 6 is a six-channel car audio Amplifier that produces 1200 watts of max power, it features a built-in microphone and speaker for user support, as well as a facile to handle interface. This Amplifier is outstanding for cars with limited power or those who need more than what the car's audio system can provide, the kenwood excelonp-xr600-6 dsp 1200 w 75 w x 6 dsp car is excellent for 6 Channel audio and video production. With its 6 channels, you can easily produce high-quality results with 6-inchbios memories, the excelonp-xr600-6 dsp is a high-quality 6-channel Amplifier with a digital p-mosfets. It provides temperature of and can handle up to 1200 this 6 Channel Amplifier for car motorcycle will provide enough power to power your audio equipment for just about any activity or game, the candy-6 is a compact and clean 6-channel Amplifier that is excellent for listening to music, video, and other audio files in specific and comforted conditions. The amp can handle even the most heavy-duty audio equipment with ease, whether you're wanting to into a new vehicle or are already a professional audio user, the candy-6 is a sterling audio Amplifier for you. The d-4, 800 is an 6 Channel car amplifiers with an 432 matrix dsp amplifier. It offers audio quality and performance that is top-of-the-heap for all car enthusiasts.